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5 Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Author: Laurie Knafo/Tuesday, December 12, 2017/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, For Employers, Workplace Issues, Industry Trends, SNI Certes, For Employers, Workplace Issues, Industry Trends, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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We have all heard the saying “laughter is contagious”, and have most likely seen the truth in this first hand. Well, unfortunately, low employee morale is just as infectious. Have you ever walked into an office and immediately felt that every worker would prefer to be anywhere else than there? This is usually caused by a lack in management and / or company culture, and often results in regular eye rolls, constant negativity, and rather high turnover rates within the organization. Luckily, there are many creative ways to boost the momentum in the work place, making the employees happy to come to the office everyday! Here are 5 techniques to help do just that:

Encourage Vacation Days
Vacation days are meant to be a perk of the job, but have now suddenly turned into more of a burden. When employees are overworked, they often don’t see taking time off, as a feasible option because there is so much that needs to be accomplished in the days ahead. One way to remedy this is by management encouraging taking these allotted days, while also providing a coverage / staffing plan for when an employee is blissfully out of the office. Dedicating someone on the team to step up and take these responsibilities will, not only keep things moving, but also give time away to those where it is due.

Offer Free Professional Development
Employees often get into a rut when they feel there is no opportunity for growth or to move up in the company. While that is sometimes the case due to promotional freezes or lack of positions available, the pure development of an employee is always accessible. Offering complimentary training and / or leadership courses is, not only a great way to enhance their motivation and passion for the job, but they will also be able to bring new techniques learned back to their everyday role.

Incentive Company Outings
Company outings, office happy hours and summer / holiday parties are all events that can help boost morale if done correctly, and who knows what the people want better than the people themselves? A tactic to make these bonding experiences more interactive and memorable is to create a group inside the office that takes on the responsibility of planning all social events. A budget should be set aside for these team activities in order to make them more personalized and to ensure the employees feel rewarded for the hard work they show everyday.

Reinstate Lunch Breaks
Somehow along the way, taking a true lunch break has become a thing of the past. In the age of technology, emails are constantly being sent, whether from a computer or a smartphone, making it virtually impossible to step away. While it seems more efficient to eat lunch at your desk, companies should be encouraging the full lunch hour as a time to clear your head from work tasks – Becoming bogged down in the business is a key factor to lowering an employee’s enthusiasm for the job.

Allow Flexible Office Hours
Many companies have long, set hours no matter the industry, and employees are expected to put in that time without leniency. While the “9-5” mindset worked for the previous generation(s), Millennials aren’t too keen on being chained to their desk Monday through Friday. Offices are now starting to create more comfortable work spaces as an alternative to your desk or cube, making the office vibe / culture a bit more relaxed – Also offering (1) work from home day a week allows the employee to feel freedom in their daily routine and presents a change of scenery, while empowering teams to develop their time management skills.

These suggested techniques hopefully will reach employees on a more personal level, making them feel valued at their company. Losing talent due to a toxic work environment causes companies’ money and grief, while also giving themselves a bad reputation to others in the industry. It pays to invest in your people and create a positive community, making the organization desirable to job seekers on the other side!


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Laurie Knafo
Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo

Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.

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Laurie Knafo is Regional Vice President for SNI. Her 30+ years in the recruiting business enable her to bring insightful counsel to companies and candidates looking to make the most out of their staffing relationships.


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