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7 Top Trending Technology Jobs for 2017

Author: Pete Langlois/Wednesday, July 05, 2017/Categories: SNI Companies, For Job Seekers, For Employers, Industry Trends, SNI Technology

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It’s no secret that the IT and technology workforce is progressing and growing at a rapid pace. According to Business Insider, Glassdoor, Forbes, and others, the following list includes some of the hottest, trending technology jobs for 2017. While lists like this continue to reveal interesting information about companies, the jobs on this list will also continue to adapt to where the market and the world is headed.

Data Scientist
Data scientists are one of the leading jobs when it comes to the tech industry because companies are quickly learning that optimizing the usage and analysis of the data they posses is crucial to business operations and growth. Most data scientists focus on statistics and programming to help companies scrape through outdated datasets and create tools to reveal patterns. Average salaries are around $115,000 as this is one of the most sought after jobs this year.

Database Administrator
Database Administrators can encompass a wide variety of jobs within the industry, and is an extremely popular position this year. With an average salary of $93,000 per year, Database Admins backup systems to prevent data loss in the case of a power outage or other detrimental event. It’s not hard to understand why these positions are important and companies are constantly searching for the best candidates to do this work.

UX Designer
User Experience Designers continue to make an impact when it comes to trending tech jobs, as the demand for UX Designers remains strong. UX Designers are responsible for translating the functionality of a product or website into a creative display of those products. UX Designers cover a wide range of duties with average salary ranges that correlate. That can be anywhere from $52,000 per year to $140,000 per year depending on experience, range of responsibilities, and more.

QA Manager / Engineer
Software QA Engineers and Managers oversee the development process, including testing along the way, from a project conception to its deploy. Very simply, they test the product and solve problems as they are discovered. QA Managers and Engineers are important so that the end-user doesn’t find the bug, but the QA Manager does, and is able to alleviate the problem proactively. With an average salary of $92,000 per year, QA Managers are one of the top trending tech jobs this year.

Security Analyst
With continuous developments in IT security threats and cyberattacks, Security Analysts also find themselves as one of the top jobs in 2017. Security Analysts play the extremely essential role of planning for, and carrying out security measures to protect a company or organization’s computer networks and systems. On average, Security Analysts make $117,000 per year.

Mobile Developer
As we all know, the rise of the smartphone has required a serious demand for increasing development in smartphone and mobile software and how companies will utilize this software in their business. In turn, that requires a demand for mobile developers which is continuously growing, making a Mobile Developer one of the top trending jobs in 2017. Average salaries are around $80,000 per year for Mobile Developers and around $97,000 per year for Mobile Application Developers.

Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Engineers are comparable to those in the Data Scientist or Analyst field, but instead of the human running the numbers and analysis, the human is programming the computer, or machine, to run autonomously with minimal human support or interaction. This is increasingly important as AI is on the rise in the use of self-driving cars, VR, and more. Machine Learning Engineers are one of the newer positions in our field, with an average salary of $130,000 per year. With the booming growth of machine learning, we’ll start to see this job top the charts in the coming years.

While a plethora of jobs continue to drive the demand in IT, these are some of the most searched for and in highest demand this year. As the technology industry continues to develop, so will these jobs and career paths.


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Pete Langlois
Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois is the Chief Sales Officer at GEE Group. His blog leverages his decades of experience in hiring, training and retaining top talent and covers trends and issues of interest to employers and job candidates alike.

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Full biography

Pete Langlois is the Chief Sales Officer at GEE Group. His blog leverages his decades of experience in hiring, training and retaining top talent and covers trends and issues of interest to employers and job candidates alike.


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