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The Right Resume

The Right Resume

It is said that hiring managers spend about 30 seconds looking at your resume. As recruiters we spend more time looking at resumes than the average hiring manager, and in so doing, we know what it takes to get you to that next level; the interview. Your resume is the vehicle to take you from applicant, to interview, to “You’re hired!” Here are some key tips to keep in mind as you create and up-date your resume.
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Data: Changing the Role of Finance

Data: Changing the Role of Finance

Finance professionals have access to an almost unlimited wealth of data sources. From customer service data, to web site utilization metrics - many teams have a deep pool of numeric information. Yet, over 75% of business finance teams only review and leverage traditional financial data on a regular basis. As the relevance and thirst for business data continues to grow, CFO’s and their teams need to recognize the business potential of embracing wider sets of data.
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