Direct Hire Accounting, Finance, Tax, Banking and HR

SNI Financial specializes in the direct hire placement of Accounting, Finance, Tax, and Banking professionals. We can assist with both contingent and retained searches, ranging from the clerk to VP level.

As an employer, you'll enjoy the improved hiring success that comes from working with experienced professionals who have strategic access to a broad range of top-tier candidates.

We offer a streamlined customized hiring process which can help you attract and hire well-qualified and motivated employees, all while significantly reducing your typical search time. You have the added benefit of a guarantee, which is not available when you hire someone on your own or through a job board.

Our goal is to improve your success ratio of an offer being accepted by the candidate of your choice! SNI Financial will partner with you on the following critical steps of the process and more:

  • Effective presentation of the opportunity
  • Time management of offer delivery
  • Setting expectations regarding counter-offers
  • Benchmarking other offers being considered
  • Extending offers that are prequalified for acceptance

Allow us to help you find and hire the right people to achieve your goals this year.