Direct Hire Accounting, Finance, Tax, Banking and HR

Improve Your Hiring Success & Reduce Risk

SNI Financial offers a strategic customized hiring process which can help you attract and hire well-qualified and motivated employees, all while significantly reducing your typical search time.

A third-party recruiter can be your best option to fill a critical position because we have access to a broad range of high caliber candidates in accounting, finance, tax and banking.

Personal Service

We feel it is essential to the success of the search process to personally meet every client who engages us for a direct hire search. We carry this to the candidate side of our process as well. Matching the personality and culture of an organization to potential hires is an important part of our service.

Technical Understanding

We will work with you to understand your need to obtain candidates with specific industry experience or from specific companies. We utilize varied resources to identify qualified candidates and will be happy to provide you insight into those tools upon request.

Sourcing & Screening

Once the initial profile has been finalized, we will target a list of candidates that potentially meet the specifications. Once candidates have been identified, the recruiting managers will conduct a detailed in-person interview to further qualify the candidates’ technical abilities and to also determine whether the candidates’ communication skills, personality, and overall presentation are a fit.

Communication & Interview

As we progress through the search process, the recruiting manager will be in touch with the designated client contact to ensure that any issues encountered in the search process are handled in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the client. Viable candidates will be presented to the client to proceed through the interview process.

Negotiation & Guarantee

Once a finalist has been identified, we will handle negotiation with both parties to determine a satisfactory compensation package, define an appropriate start date, and handle any other issues relevant to the offer and its acceptance. We also offer our clients a guarantee on our direct hire placements to ensure the significant amount of time and energy they spend in this process is not wasted.

Potential Risks of Offer Rejection

  • Ineffective presentation of the opportunity
  • Poor time management of offer delivery
  • Failure to set expectations regarding counter-offers
  • Inability to benchmark other opportunities being considered
  • Extension of offers that are not prequalified for acceptance

We understand that a large part of your success as a manager depends on the performance of your team – allow us to help you find and hire the right people to achieve your goals!