Direct Hire Accounting, Finance, Tax, Banking and HR

“I have worked with SNI Financial for several years and have found them to be the most effective recruiters I've used. Essentially our entire tax department staff has been hired through SNI Financial. They deliver qualified candidates quickly and did an excellent job of closing the deal for us when we decided to make an offer. I would recommend SNI Financial to anyone that needs to hire accounting professionals.”

Hiring Manager
Real Estate Firm

“Thank you for assisting us in recruiting the Compliance Officer for our holding company. She has hit the ground running and I know she is going to be a great asset to our banks. Additionally, I appreciate your hard work during our search. Not only were you diligent in finding candidates, but the candidates you brought to us were qualified and met our criteria for the position. The candidates also spoke highly of your professionalism during the recruitment. I would absolutely use SNI Financial for job recruitment in the future if needed. “

$300MM Bank Holding Company

“They have provided great contract workers who take pride in what we do and show up for work daily and on time. I am able to call at any time and they have been there to assist me every time.”

Manager, Finance
Healthcare Industry

“I have been working with SNI Financial for the past 3 years in my role as the Recruiter at my organization. SNI Financial is excellent to work with! They have taken the time to get to know our firm, our culture and what we look for in candidates. They really understand our needs and only send us candidates that are a fit, not just anyone they come across. SNI Financial has done a great job for the firm when we've asked for their help!”

Recruiting Manager
Financial Firm

“The SNI Financial staff has taken the time to get to know me, my managerial style, and our company culture. We have received great candidates from them that have a strong financial background and fit in very well with our company.”

Accounting Manager
Energy Organization

“SNI Financial was a pleasure to partner with during our recent employee search. From the initial contact through “sealing the deal,” SNI was extremely professional and very pleasant to work with. They were timely with requests and flexible when asked. They were thorough and assisted me in knowing how to “sweeten the pot” to make our offer “most” attractive to the candidate. SNI was available when needed, even on short notice and outside of core business hours, to assist in setting up interviews and follow-up discussions. The next time I have a need for a recruiter, I will definitely consider SNI Financial. With a variety of choices, someone who goes above and beyond in terms of the client/customer services makes the difference. SNI Financial made a difference.”

HR Director
$600MM Community Bank

“When I started, there was an immediate need to fill several gaps within our accounting and finance department. Right from the beginning, I received a level of service from SNI Financial far beyond what other firms were offering. They weren’t one of those recruiting firms that sends over anyone that comes across their desk, they only send candidates that they believe would truly be a good fit for both parties. There were three firms working on four positions. SNI Financial ended up filling every single one. With that kind of success rate, SNI is obviously my go-to recruiting firm. “

Financial Controller

“I receive prompt, friendly and professional service and the candidates presented are always qualified.”

Oil & Gas Company