Direct Hire Accounting, Finance, Tax, Banking and HR

SNI Financial can assess your situation to help determine whether a contingency or retained search is the best solution for your hiring needs. We specialize in the placement of accounting, finance, tax, and banking professionals.

A retained consultant works exclusively on the search and as a result, will not present a candidate to more than one client at a time. Because you pay a retainer up front, your search becomes top priority and is assigned specific resources.

A contingency recruiter, on the other hand, is often in a race against other sources to present the best available candidates to as many clients as possible since they only get paid if they “win” the search.

Many clients chose retained services due to the confidential or critical nature of a search, regardless of the level. This can be the right option when you truly want the best possible candidate, rather than simply the best available candidate. A capable headhunter knows how to tactfully approach the right talent at a competing company and persuade them to consider your opportunity.

Our retained services include the following process:

  • Conducting original research
  • Targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates
  • Developing a list of potentially qualified candidates
  • Creating customized progress reports
  • Conducting phone interviews to develop candidates for possible in-person interviews
  • Presenting qualified finalist candidates for review
  • Checking references
  • Assisting the client with the job offer and the candidate with acceptance

Contact your local office to learn more about how we can assist with your hiring or career development needs!